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Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. 

If don't know me yet, you are in the right place to get the low down. Below I have shared a few things about me and how I found myself working in wellbeing. 


I hope you Enjoy! x 

I would like to start by allowing you to understand who I am, before you know what I do! I am a sensitive, caring, loving person and a social butterfly who loves connection and learning about people. If you are into astrology I am a Leo sun Aries moon and Leo rising (all fire!) & my human design is a Generator! 

I love all things spiritual and magic! I can remember as a child I would always be flicking to the mystic meg part of all of my mums magazines. I also love a spreadsheet too, numbers are my second language.

I LOVE to learn new things but I didn't like school much, I was quite shy as a child so maybe that was a factor.

After getting my GCSE's I left school at 15 to do a business course at college. I didn't want to stay on at school for any longer than I needed too, I was craving independence and adventure. The decision to do Business was influenced by my natural ability with numbers, but my unwillingness to study Accountancy - I was convinced it would be boring! (I did go back to study accounts a few years later and it was affirmed to me that this was NOT a full yes for me!) 

I was masking all of my impulses to do a more creative course thinking that business is where the big salaries were, and that is what would give me a good life and make me happy (sound familiar to anyone else?!).

Anyhow, I went on to do a fashion buying course after Business. I wasn't entirely sure what I was signing up for but it was a one year course and the description covered Maths, Analytics, Shopping, Fashion and Business - The perfect blend of masculine and feminine - I was in.  

This was the catalyst for a fantastic start to my corporate career. I secured a job in buying after this course and spent 7 years working my way up, travelling all around the world along the way. The experiences I gained in this time were amazing. I got to visit so many places that I am sure I wouldn't have otherwise, Hong Kong, India, New York & Paris to name just a few. I also got to work with and meet so many people who have been huge parts of my journey. I believe it to be true that travel can help to expand your mind and your life in so many ways, and sharing travel experiences with wise people should be grabbed with both hands and held such gratitude. 

One thing that became more present in my life having an important role was the stress I began to feel. Deadlines to meet, and workload being heavy was taking its toll on me. Along with a cocktail of other life stresses all simmering away at the same time I was cooking up nervous breakdown and just waiting for to happen. In 2016 with work stresses, family illness and a relationship breaking down it all simmered over. 2017 is when I really began my breakthrough journey. 

I began to question, what is this all for and SURELY there is more to life than this, being stressed and unhappy, and off I went to find it! 

I dived deep into self development and spiritual healing modalities, for me this included self help books, yoga, reiki, crystals, meditation, talking therapy and retreats to name a few I am sure there were more!


I found certain vehicles gave me hope, some gave me relief in the moment, but the real magic was in the moments of spaciousness. This is where I was able to listen to myself, to unpick my thoughts and begin to put myself back in the driving seat of my own life. 


I started my wellbeing business because focusing on my wellbeing changed my world. I found spaciousness and I found myself, and I want everyone to be able to have this in life. To be able to climb out of any situation where you feel stress, and overwhelm and to begin to take your power back and live a more balanced and happy life. 

It is my hope that you find some magic in these pages or working with me and that it will help you to live a happier and healthier life full of purpose & joy. 


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The Quals, Skills and Knowledge bits ....

Reiki Level 1 & 2 - Certified with Primal Stone

Relaxing Facial - Certified with the Guild via Noubalm Training School

Self Love Coach - Certified with the Infinite Self Love Coaching Academy

Introduction to Spiritual Life Coaching -Certified with Soul Academy

7 Years experience in Leadership Roles 

​Yoga Foundation Course Level One - Certified by The British Wheel of Yoga 

200hr Yoga Teacher - Certified by Yoga Alliance 

Trauma Informed - Certified Attendance  

Healy Practioner

Meditation Teacher - Studying for Dipolma

Buddha Statue

It is my wish that we are all able to life a full, fearless and magical life, and that as a collective we all rise together. 

If you have landed here because something is pulling you in, I hope that you have the courage to take the steps and be open. May you move towards a joyful and abundant life where you chose yourself more deeply and see with eyes of love. 

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