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30 Life Lessons

Hello lovely,

Its Leo season, and its 2022 which means one thing ... I have turned 30 hehe

30 trips around the suns felt different than I thought it would when I was younger. I am pretty sure at school I thought 30 was 'old' well how wrong was I!

I feel like I have picked up a lot of vibes around that turning 30 is an age to be scared of, a milestone where you can question what you have achieved, and you can think you are running out of time. I want to break that myth by saying that the average life expectancy in the UK this year was 81. I know that not all of us are destined to make it to this age, but 30 isn't even half way. So firstly - most of us still have lots of time. Secondly - all we have is the moment we are in.

The past has gone and the future isn't here yet, is finding a way to be happy in the moment the key?

Lots of think about, and I do not have the answers! All I know is what I have learnt along the way to be true for me. I am going to try and share what I believe to be the 30 most important life lessons I have lived through in the hope it sparks some curiosity or inspires you too. p.s. they aren't all too deep ;)

  1. It is important to let emotions flow from the body, whether they are perceived to be good or bad emotions, find a way to express them in a healthy way (if you are angry maybe punch a pillow, not a wall or a person)

  2. If you are in an unhappy relationship and waiting for someone to change - 99.9% chance that they won't, don't waste your time waiting. (I haven't met the 0.1% but they may be the exception to the rule, so here's to hope)

  3. Vets bills are expensive, get your pets insured (I am yet to do this)

  4. ..... seems the natural next lesson ....Take your own advice

  5. You, are your biggest investment. Make sure you spend some of your resources on you, Time, Money, Love - all of it, you won't regret it.

  6. Connection is so important, make time for loved ones.

  7. If you really want to do it, do it. Book the ticket, book the course, run the event. whatever it is, don't let fear stop you for living.

  8. Say No to the things that don't light you up. you won't get back the time, money and effort spent on things you only said yes too because you felt you 'should'

  9. Read - there is so much knowledge being offered too us, why not eat it up!

  10. Don't stress the small things (This is much harder in practice, but there is a way you just have to find what works for you)

  11. Believe in something - Whether it is a religion, a person, the universe or yourself - belief, and faith can move mountains and give you hope.

  12. Know there is always a way. That no, or that closed door could just be a re-direction or a challenge you need to over come, think of the other ways you could achieve what you want, or why it might not be happening smoothly for you.

  13. Have a mentor. This could be family, a friend, a coach, a celebrity? learning nuggets of information from people who have achieved things you would like to achieve is magic

  14. Trust your intuition

  15. Find gratitude daily

  16. Spend time in nature, we need it more than we know.

  17. Material things aren't all they are cracked up to be.

  18. Travel, it's a big world and there is lots to see and learn about.

  19. Follow your curiosities - It is likely you are curious for a reason.

  20. Communication is key. People aren't mind readers, so get good at communicating your wants, needs, and feelings. This will change your world, it covers friendships, relationships, work.

  21. Be kind, most people have something they are moving through that you likely don't know about.

  22. Don't assume .... you know the one it makes an a** out of me and you!

  23. Get an financial advisor, no one teaches us the things we need to know about money in school

  24. Forgive yourself - you can't change the past and you did the best you could at the time.

  25. Forgive others - it only eats you up, and whats done is done.

  26. Don't get cats if you value sleep, everyone told me cats are easier than dogs but I beg to differ... still love the little sh*ts, but sleep deprivation is now a thing in my life!

  27. Find joy in the little moments and laugh..... is was edging on the Live, Laugh Love quote haha.... I'll stop that typing.

  28. Spread love, the world needs more love.

  29. Have fun, you only get one life - if you do it right once is enough (a quote from a good friend in Marbella, that I share with everyone one now!)

  30. No one is coming to save you, you have to show up for yourself.

Let me know in the comments if you made it to number 30 :-D

Lots of Love Han xx

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