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A little bit about me!

My name is Hannah, and I currently live on the Wirral, UK.

This picture shows me down at the beach in New Brighton, where you will find me regularly, walking, paddle boarding, being a yogi or when the weather is warm enough, just relaxing on the beach!

There is something about being by the water that makes me feel totally content and calm.

I also like to travel, experience new places, cultures - and that comes with trying out different cuisines - I LOVE food!

Here you can see me enjoying a meal in the Lake District and giving chop sticks a go! This was a holiday in between c*vid restrictions, so getting on a plane wasn't an option!

I originally created Zen by Hannah Katherine back in 2019, as a blog and I place to journal my thoughts.

Since then, on my self discovery and healing journey, I have experienced so many things that I want to share with other women to empower them to love themselves, and to encourage a healthy self love lifestyle.

I offer Reiki, Holistic therapies and self love coaching, because these have been a really good way for me to treat myself and open up to self love and an awareness of looking after my energetic body too!

Watch this space, there is lots more coming.

Love H x

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