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A silent retreat on a budget

Hello lovelies,

I have been missing in action on the blog front for a while! life has been full, and FUN recently with lots going on.

I can't remember the last time I was able to be alone, not distracted and carve myself out some time to just share my thoughts with you all! but it seems today is the day :)

This week it has been the Spring Equinox as well as all of the astrological movements into Aries, Pluto (I won't pretend I'm an astrologist so please find one for confirmation I got the right planets!) however, I am invested in all of the shifts and being in energy work and super aware of the vibes I have been feeling it ALL.

I got the gist and the pulls into new beginnings, a time to step out from winters hibernation and to call in your visions for the year with aligned action. I will do another blog to explain everything that's been shifting for me once it all lands for me so don't worry all the info will be shared.

.... Getting back to the point! My intention for coming on today is to share with you all that all of this energy and action has been pushing me to my edges. I keep feeling called by that little niggle inside to do a silent retreat and then, yesterday I ran a scan of myself on my frequency device, Healy and it highlighted 'Silence' 7 times .... so I took the final nudge lol ... Maybe it is my souls way of telling me to make some time to chill and rest my voice!

After googling 'Silent retreats near me' I found some pretty amazing experiences that I didn't even know existed. For context here I have never done a silent retreat so I didn't know what I would find. If you know me personally you are probably laughing by now thinking of me at a silent retreat haha. Anyhow I started to think about logistics (my body does not love this word but its relevant here) Thinking about location, dates, money, time .... all of the things. I ended up narrowing down to one in Wales ..... in September... and that just didn't feel good in my body to wait that long.

So today, I have attempted to create my own silent retreat at home. Now I must say this isn't the same as being held in a retreat space, but it is what I have available to me so I am giving it a good go. Thankfully Adam is in work today on a long shift so he only had to deal with my lack of talking for 30 minutes, I think he might have actually gone to work early due to the boredom haha.

If feels good, good that I can give myself this whenever and wherever I need too, and that alone feels so empowering.

I am not sure I am doing it 100% right, but I am trying not to talk and to limit what I listen to. So far I have been able to treat myself to a nice breakfast in bed, done a mediation, yoga, had a nice pamper and after I have shared some of my thoughts here I am heading to the beach. There is something interesting about being mindfully silent. It's like I get to let my thoughts go, and its making me slowwww down. There is no urgency to call someone, send a voice note or be in action. I am just watching my thoughts and deciding if its urgent enough to write it down for later or to let it go.

It is allowing me to feel more deeply, and observe my thoughts. its feels really grounding and nourishing.

So if you feel called, give it a go! Maybe you can't do a whole day but maybe you can manage an afternoon - let me know how you get on!

I must share a few tips that have caught me off guard, and may be worth a laugh ...

Pick a day when you don't need a food shop, I am sat wondering if I can make it through a super marketing without saying a word but not looking rude .... Maybe I can last a day without food ...

If you have animals, they will likely cause your first slip up on your silent promise, I am not counting this ... They need to be told they look cute everyday

Put your phone on do not disturb ... when an unrecognised number calls you twice in a row its hard to ignore

If you haven't noticed already, I am not counting typing or writing .... maybe its more of a vocal cord silent day hehe.

Lots of Love Hannah xx

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