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A week of Retreat in Bali!

Hello Lovely,

I am writing this new blog update at 4:31am, it is now very cold in the UK and I can hear the rain on the window. The jet lag coming home is real!

My partner is fast asleep in bed, but the cats are overjoyed they have someone to play with in the middle of the night .

I have been back only two days so I am still coming back down to earth slowly, whilst trying to absorb all of the magic of the retreat and also adjusting back to normal life. I am beginning to realise it will take longer than I thought before I went!

Travelling half way across to world is a big one in itself, the effect on the body clock and the extreme polarity of the weather at this time of year is totally thrown me out. As well as all of the normal 'life' stuff being taken care of by others while we were away - the Balinese are just the most lovely, caring people with a huge desire to look after you. The shopping, the cooking, the cleaning, putting petrol in the car! ... it really made me realise how much time I spend on this at home.

On the drive home from the airport I had the pleasure of getting a lovely man called Alex as my driver. He shared a life quote with me that feels appropriate to share here "Time is our most precious commodity, use it wisely." I believe this is one of the most undervalued gifts of retreats, the time to just be with yourself. I can honestly say that I don't believe I could have experienced the shifts that I did in a week in Bali in a year at home with all the distractions we have to contend with.

All of the above is not even to mention yet the energetic shifts that happened after the healing spaces we shared at the retreat. There are many experiences we had in Bali that I would say have been life changing for me. Just to give you a taste our loose itinerary covered;

Opening Ceremony to set intentions

Water Blessings

Shamanic Reading

Sound Healing

9D Breath work


Shamanic Dance

Kundalini Yoga


Closing Ceremony

Each of these I will write about separately!

Even looking back on this list I am not sure how we covered this in a week, no wonder its taking a while to sink in haha!

For anyone looking to retreat feeling called to spend some time on themselves whether you have some healing you are called to do or you just want experience new levels of being I would highly recommend you take the leap and invest in yourself, in my opinion it is the biggest gift you can give to your mind, body and soul.

The retreat I attended was ran by the beautiful Kim Mellor as a Soul Digger retreat, check her out if you haven't already. Kim's energy is so expansive, the conversations and loving space she held was such a gift.

The whole trip was also organised from the UK by the incredible Vicki at Boutique travel. We didn't have to think twice about airports, transfers or meal bookings, Vic handled it all and the trip was seamless!

I couldn't close this blog without a huge shout out to Linda and Steve, this retreat was my final 30th birthday gift (yes, I managed to stretch it out from August to November hehe!) I have the deepest gratitude for this amazing experience, they are true earth angels.

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates and insights to each experience I had over the next few weeks.

Lots of Love,

Hannah x

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