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Are you calling in your dream life?

I have absolutely done this! Vision boards, manifesting, thinking BIG, and if I look back to my vision boards on Pinterest over the past 6 years it's all arrived in one form or another. Where attention goes energy flows after all!

I feel like talking about a 'dream life' holds so much weight for motivation and inviting in wild thoughts. There is something about the word 'Dream' that invites you to make the impossible possible (I do think that anything IS possible). Maybe it gives us that safety net to prevent self doubt coming in, or all the reasons our mind would find to convince us something isn't possible before we even try!

In todays blog I would like to share with you some things that I don't think enough people are talking about in this space including..... the grit it takes to let it in, and whether it actually feels like a dream when you are living it..... We are living on earth after all not in dreamland!

I will be sharing from my experiences today, so it is important for me to point out that this is not the experience everyone else will have. Maybe you will find some golden nuggets of wisdom or tips in my story, maybe not. Take what feels true for you and leave what doesn't.

When I started calling in my 'dream life' I thought it would bring perfection, happiness all of the time and zero stress. Looking back now I know I had a lot of emotional regulation work to do, mindset and nervous system. See, arguably I was already living a dream life from 5 years prior. I was working as a buyer, travelling around the world first class, driving a top model company car and I had bought my first house. I was really unhappy and unfulfilled though and I think I was actually looking for escapism.

TIP #1 When you are creating a vision board, take a moment to check what you are putting on it is what you really want, not what others think a successful life might look like. Make sure it is what FEELS good to you.

It took me a few years to come down from this phase. I was really breaking down all of the beliefs I had that made up my original dream life vision. I was carrying ideas from friends, family, magazines, social media and society that I needed to let go if I was to ever find my own voice.

TIP #2 It takes time, be patient with yourself and with your journey.

Next I ventured on a journey of self discovery. See I actually needed to get to know myself, to allow myself to relearn what I liked and disliked and what kind of life that actually FELT good in my body as opposed to what conditioning I had taken on.

I taped into Reiki, Crystals, Meditation, Nature, Fitness, Books, Podcasts, Mindset Coaching, Yoga and Journalling (Tools are not limited to this, there is SO much more to explore). This is what I now call my 'tool kit' or 'self love tool kit'. I ABSOLUTELY needed a full tool box for this phase! Some tools worked, some didn't work for me. Some things worked one day and not the next, but all in all I was creating a new set of habits of what to do when I felt a little lost. Tools that helped me to come back to myself - rather than my old pattern of getting drunk and dancing the night away. (I still do this sometimes for fun, just not as a way to escape)

TIP #3 Explore self care modalities that feel good to you, there is no right or wrong

For me, these tools helped me to find myself so that I could begin to call in a life that actually felt aligned for me. A dream life that set my heart on fire because I was getting closer to my purpose.

Secondly, little did I know that I would need these tools to continue to care for myself while I stepped into the big visions.

See, I actually think I needed to expand my capacity to feel and to handle my emotions at a much wider range to allow big change into my life.

TIP #4 The more invested in your dreams you are, the wider the emotion scale becomes.

This part makes total sense to me now, and I have heard it before but I will try and explain it from my point of view for you today.

Lets imagine you are living a life that you don't love, you don't love what you do for work, you aren't making the impact you want and you generally don't feel like you are living on purpose. Sure you will still have good days and bad days. The good days will feel good, the bad will feel flat and you might be frustrated?

Let's now imagine that you are living a life that you LOVE. You are creating a business, or offering a service that sets you on fire. You know this is what you are here to do and it fills your heart. In this scenario we still have good days and bad days, that's life. The good days make you feel like you are flying high in the sky, the joy bursting out of your chest. The bad days, these can feel like heartbreak, the questions of whether you should just take the easy road in life ...

Can you see? For me the emotional scale and the experience of life itself has become deeper.

TIP #5 Lets focus on a statement from above ... We will still have good days and bad days, that's life.

See I don't think I factored this one into my vision board haha - who does!

But I want to leave everyone with a sense of reality today. And believe me, I am not the realist in any of my friendship groups! However I feel some perspective is needed on this topic.

Life is life, we eb and flow, there are highs and lows, there is light and dark - that we cannot bypass.

What we get to choose is how much we listen to our hearts .How we spend our days, what we dedicate our lives too. Who we create our memories with while on this earth.

The biggest tip of all, is through all of the journey above.... it is the little moments I look back on fondly.

Practise presence. Don't let the past or future steal your time or experiences. Have a dream and let it motivate you and use it to reflect and grow, but don't live in it so much that you miss the day to day. That, is where you will find life.

I have left some of my moments below, that you for allowing my to reminisce and tell my story. Love Hannah xx

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