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Comfort Zone Con's

Hello Lovelies,

I am coming to you this evening after having a lovely chilled day to myself, so my introvert needs have been fully met and I am ready to chat your heads off - and I have red wine, so I hope this makes sense by the end ;-)

I feel called to talk about comfort zones today. I thought I had nailed jumping out of my control zone over my life, I'll give you a few examples;

  • I went on holiday at 18, and stayed to work the season - totally unplanned

  • I left a wrong relationship, a house and a lot of my life when I was 24 with nothing to go to

  • I moved to a new place where I only knew one person to rebuild my life at 25

  • Only a year later, I moved again to a new place, to live with one of my best friends at 26

  • I left a company that I had worked at for years, to try and climb the ladder at a younger brand, this at 26 too

So, as you can probably see, I have always been an person who knows her own mind and is not afraid of change, if I feel it in my gut that something better is waiting on the other side for me.

Since I have embarked on my journey with zen, I have been able to push through any comfort zone barriers too, knowing that I am working towards my absolute purpose and truth.

In the last few weeks though, I have began to feel drawn to my comfort zone in certain areas in my life.

The spiritual, aware being in me knows that this is because I am starting to play big and get serious about making huge shifts. And when you play big, you will need to work through bigger resistance. It will highlight any limiting beliefs and negative energy you are holding onto.

The human in me is making me look at the life I have - that is incredible already, and asking me if I want to risk it.

It is at times like this I revert back to my vision board and take some time for myself. Time to reflect on my goals, who I am, what my purpose is, and what my life could look like if I was living my dreams and there were no limitations - to help you visualise this, how would you live if no one else was on this planet and money didn't exist - what would you chose to do with your time?

This of course helps to put you back on track, however I felt it was the right time to remind myself, and you all of the con's of comfort zones - I hope you read this article right when you need it.

  • Nothing changes unless you change it

  • Nothing grows here

  • You will not transform yourself, or your life here

  • Your dreams won't come true here - unless you are already living it ;-)

  • There is no progression

  • Therefore there are few rewards

Feel free to add anymore into the comments box for people to read!

I have also included a picture of my card pulls this evening, I felt like I needed some guidance and they never fail me. I always do card pulls at the end of my reiki sessions, but if you need some guidance in your life right now, reach out to me on Instagram and I will be happy to do 1 free intuitive card pull for you, just mention you read it on this blog post.

Lots of Love

H x

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