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Coming Full Circle with Self Love

Hello Lovelies!

It's June - how did we get here? The year is flying by and in the UK the summer sun still doesn't seem to want to make an appearance! But I live on in hope for a late bloomer ;)

So the last update I posted was about my holiday blues, well Ibiza blues to be specific. I have managed to come back to a normal state now (the UK version of me!) but it got me to thinking I would like to explain how I got back here and the part self love plays.

Self Love is a massive part of my life and something I am passionate about helping people to cultivate in their own lives. Self Love to me, is being able to hold myself in all stages, versions and phases, and to meet myself with compassion. To know myself and have boundaries and values that I can come back to, guiding me to stay true to myself.

After working on my self love for the last few years that I have some good routines that have my back for when I am not feeling my most sparkly self. I have listed below some below for inspiration, however I would recommend exploring what works for you, we are all unique!

  • A good FLEXIBLE morning routine

  • A good bedtime routine to turn off for a good nights sleep

  • Awareness of my self soothing routines - Got to the beach, yoga, journalling and being creative

  • Social media breaks

  • Coaches and groups to reach out too

It is a this point I want to make it really clear I do not do these practises everyday. In the past I thought that to be living my best life I need to be doing these routines perfectly and religiously for them to work, and put pressure on myself to show up 100% even when I really don't feel like it. This is not self loving to me - how does it sound to you? Now I meet myself with compassion everyday and take what I need from my self love toolbox without rules, pressure or judgement of myself.

So I was able to bring back the parts of my routines that I needed to maintain acceptance of how I was feeling, and dial up the feel good activities that boosted my mood!

I feel this is what has helped me to come back to myself after the holiday blues quickly, and from a place of love.

I now know that self love is integrated fully into my life, no matter where I find myself whether it be a high or a low moment, it will eventually come back full circle and I have self love to carry me around. Life is a journey after all, and the only constant is change, but you are the only person you spend every minute of the day with - make your relationship with yourself a magical one!

If you are curious about building your self love toolbox send me a message I would love to help you on your journey.

Lots of Love

Han x

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