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Hello 2022!

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

Hello Lovelies,

I am so glad you are reading my first blog post of 2022 (well, my first blog ever!)

I will absolutely not pretend that I know what I am doing! I spent a lot of the last year, learning how to throw myself into fear, and into things that I have absolutely no experience in, just like this blog!

Lets give you a run down of last year, seen as this is my first post of the year;

I started a new job in March, in a field that I had no experience in - scary enough - right? and then the team left to progress their careers (I am very happy for them all) - ecommerce in the pandemic is LIT! This mean I had to learn a lot, and fast! When I look back, I really feel the meaning behind, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger!

I had times when I thought I wanted to quit SO bad, but having a solid support network, a fierce work ethic, and my drive to not let people down drove me through.

I look back now and realise that this experience (along with many other nudges from the universe prior to this) has helped me to be resilient enough to build my own business, Zen by Hannah Katherine.

I have always had a dream, for as long as I can remember that I want to live on my own terms. Not to have to answer to anyone else's rules or time restraints and to be able to help people feel happiness and to find their own version of Zen.

Life creeps in, and tries to stop you living your dreams. It tells you that you need a solid job to pay the bills, it reminds I of what I was taught growing up 'Get a good job, earn good money, and you will have a good life'

Zen is a manifestation of my dream to be free, to break free from the mould and to live a creative and soul fulfilled life! The products I sell, and treatments I now offer are things that have helped me along my path of self discovery and self love, I hope they help you too.

So in 2022 I want to take you on my journey with me, learning about me - the good the bad and the ugly - limiting beliefs come at me! I want to deepen my connection to energy, the moon, and build my relationship with the universe, and share it all with you.

I hope, that it will empower you to embark on the same journey.

Life is for living - lets do this!

Much Love, Hannah Katherine x

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