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I am back!

Well, it has been a HOT minute since I posted a blog update!

This year has been a busy one and I have been moving through quite a few portals of transformation, so it feels right to do a little catch up. Let me hit you with the key details since my last post from early March!

Late March - I held a gorgeous 'Spring Forward' Retreat session at a new wellness studio in the village, Beyond the Pines. It was such a nice space to hold a day session in, it is also where I have held my first few yoga classes and I can't wait to be back running more events!

April - Bali prep was well underway, healthy eating, catching up with fam and working hard before our break. We also travelled to the peaks to celebrate my dads 60th birthday which was so gorgeous. Oh and I gave my verbal intention to leave my corporate job (of ~12 years) to my manager... no biggie

May - Bali holiday for 2 weeks with Adam, this was an absolute vibe, and a totally different experience to retreating in Bali in November last year - I fell even more in love with being east!

June - My 3 months notice period officially kicked in .... & I headed of to Portugal for a quantum leap retreat with so many incredible and ambitious souls who desire to make an impact in the world and in the overall wellbeing space

July - after MUCH consideration, I am rebranding from zen by Hannah Katherine to Wellbeing with Hannah! This has been a hard decision, but it kept coming back to me that zen was a part of my journey, but it isn't the full piece (maybe just a slice of the pizza of life;))

Lets be honest, I can't ask you to strive to be zen 100% of the time, we are humans and its unrealistic to think that this state is achievable, or even necessary all of the time. So I felt that supporting peoples overall wellbeing was more in alignment with my goals for my business. Some days that might still look like finding some spaciousness and entering into a state of relaxation (the zen slice), and other days it might be firing you up with some empowerment and motivation to hit your goals, and on others - It might be holding space for you to just being in your current experience, to allow you to process - with no words on the mat. All of which are needed to live a balanced life.

So ... Not much then hey.

In fact reading that back, even without all of the everyday life bits and small events I haven't mentioned ..... and the updates on the podcast AND a total new business model that I tested & dropped along the way .... that is a lot of living to squeeze into 3 months.

So yes, that explains where I have been I suppose.

I feel like Bali deserves it very own blog and my career change should also get its own space too.

But for now the main thing to know is, there are some big things coming in September. I mean, I am going to have a whole load more time to dedicate to creating wellbeing offerings that I hope will serve you all to live a more balanced and happier life! I hope that you are all having a wonderful summer, keep your eyes peeled for the next updates.

Lots of Love

Hannah x

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