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Riding the waves

Hello Lovely,

I am writing today from Cornwall, I have never visited before but I think I am in love. After spending the day by the sea with friends I am tucked up in bed having a little alone time. I can hear the waves crashing outside and see the sun setting out on the balcony - pure bliss.

It is a wedding that has brought us down from the wirral and it has been the most incredible time and I feel so lucky, grateful and blessed to have been invited to share the special day with a very special couple. How amazing is it that love can inspire adventures and create memories, what a ripple effect.

I had been riding some personal waves in the weeks leading up to this break. I am sure its the moon because everyone else I speak to has been the same - nevertheless I was really feeling removed from myself. I had been irritable, sleepy, lacking motivation and had headaches for days on end.

I am much better now and reflecting back it has served me as a little reminder that in life we eb and flow. I will not (and don't expect) myself to be high energy all of the time. I love myself enough to allow my body to have exactly what it needs to find its way back to a balanced state, no matter how long that may take or how long I need to retreat for.

Coming away and having some time off social media at the start of the week and being really present, has been such a vibe for me to settle and come back to myself. The sea sun, and company also contributed 1000%!

So, hopefully this short blog can act as your permission slip to ride the waves of life in whatever way feels best to YOU. Turn your phone off for a day, don't reply to messages immediately, don't over extend yourself for other people and leave yourself short, take yourself off for a day alone, lock yourself in your room and binge chick flicks - whatever YOU need to do to feel go about where you are right now. If you aren't sure what is your go too fix I invite you to get curious - start by following your intuition, that gut instinct - the first thought you have before you talk yourself out of it for some other reason.

Remembering always that we spend 100% of our time with ourselves, make your relationship with yourself a sparkling one and love yourself well.

Love Han xx

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