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Saying ‘Yes’ to what you want!

I am coming to you today from my bed, after finishing a bowl of chocolate cereal (trying to get my chocolate fix without nailing the dark chocolate bar I have in the fridge) having cat cuddles - bliss.

I have been MIA for a while in on my soulful shares, not because I have had little to talk about. I have SO much to update you on. I have been busy with my 1-2-1 clients, planning a new retreat day with a good friend that sold out in 3 DAYS! Getting myself booked onto my yoga TT as well as volunteering for a new local charity. I am so incredibly grateful that I get to live this life, holding space for so many incredible women and witnessing transformations.

The inspiration for this post actually came from the first self love workshop I held for a cancer care program with the charity I am working with, NouYou.

I spent some time with the lovely ladies on the course exploring self-love, sharing journalling prompts allowing some time for reflection and I shared my most used tools for levelling up your self love game. Boundaries was one of the things we spoke about (I know I harp on about them, but they changed my life and I bloody love them!)

Within boundary setting we spoke about using ‘No’ in our vocab! If you have been following me for a while you may recall my earlier blog on this subject!

What I found so interesting was one of the women shared with the group that she didn’t really struggle with the ‘No’s’ but she was very aware she wasn’t allowing herself to say Yes to the things she really wanted to do. This is why I LOVE to work with clients and in groups, because this sparked a brilliant conversation between the ladies as so many resonated.

Everything has an opposite, but how had I missed talking about this one in my work!

How easy do you find it to say yes to yourself, to things you TRUELY want to do.

TIP I have learnt from my Coach Gina Swire to drop into the body when somebody asks you if you want to do something. How does it feel in the Mind, the Heart and the Gut - is it a full body yes!? And if not, who do you want to drive the decision at the time, Mind, Heart or Gut. You GET to decide how to respond. Sometimes to respond in the way we want to, we have to allow ourselves a permission slip to do what feels good to us, and only us.

I have dropped some journal prompts below if you want to drop into this topic for yourself!

How often do I say yes to myself?

Do I feel it easy to allow myself to have what I want?

If not, why?

What is the worst possible outcome?

What is the best possible outcome?

If your future self could send you a message, what would they say to you?

I hope these are useful for you, if this resonated for you feel free to leave a comment or reach out to me I love to hear from you.

Love Hannah x

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