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Social Media Detox Dairies

Hello lovely,

I hope you are well <3

If you are reading this blog it is my hope that it resonates for you, or you can store it in your memory bank for a time you need it most.

That was me a week ago!

If I am honest I needed a break from all the extra activity in my life. Not wanting this to sound dramatic, I was OK and no where the low places I have been previously. But I was starting to feel tired, stressed, overwhelmed and starting to feel my physical body nudging me to have a break before it made me!

I have gotten better at noticing these signs at this stage, rather than continuing and hitting burnout as I have done so many times previously. I think this comes with experience and allowing yourself some space to check in with yourself often.

I feel it is also important to say when I decided to have a social media detox it isn't like that was the main stress in my life. I mean, with me running a business I am always aware of being active but it wasn't hugely overwhelming on its own. I think there were little things going on in all parts of my life and I simply felt called to come back down to earth, to ground, and to focus on the simple things. Although I wasn't in a dramatically low state, I allowed myself the space I was craving to chill out and slow down. So please know, that you can take this option whenever you feel like a little time out.

So ..... I am writing to you only 6 days on and I feel like a new woman! And I want to share just how empowering this feels, and it is accessible to us all.

I cannot believe how much I have actually achieved in this short time. It does really make me realise how easy it is to spend hours on your phone achieving nothing, even when its in 15 minutes bursts. Disclaimer here that I think social media is a FAB tool, as long as it is used to your benefit.

Every morning I have been able to focus on myself, without rolling over to check my phone first thing. I have been able to really enjoy my morning routine and Meditate, Journal, Move, Stretch and Breath - its felt amazing!

Aside from this, my life has been full of joy and activities and my business has felt easy and fun. It was a reminder to be that I can still run a business and have a joyful life without posting about it. I know we all know this, but maybe I needed reminding of this....

I have also been really present at home, and with loved ones. It sounds so simple, but not being attached to your phone can make you feel so much more present in the moments. This has also allowed me to tap into the gratitude I feel for my life and the people around me and feel it so much deeper.

So all round it has been a positive experience, I am a bit reluctant to go back now :0) but the creative in me loves taking pictures and sharing my zen messages so I know I will be back. Maybe with some healthy boundaries around the times I use social platforms.

I have shared some pictures below of my week, taken purely for me but they showcase how full my life has been even though I have ghosted insta. I have also shared some top tips if you feel like this is something you want to try. Always feel free to drop me a comment, message or email if you have any questions for me.

Love always,

Hannah x

Top Tip no.1- Move the location of the app on your homepage or remove it temporarily.

I found that this tricked my brain, and if I want to go on the apps I have to think about where I moved them too, and in this time I was able to remind myself of my detox :)

Top Tip no.2 - Don't have your phone in your bedroom for the night. If you use your phone as an alarm, set the alarm when you are ready to wind down and leave the phone in the hall or next room. It will also help your sleeping routine too and it stops you snoozing when you have to get up to turn it off - triple whammy!

Top Tip no.3 - You will need discipline, decide the purpose of this detox .. e.g. to spend more time being present with family, or to use the time doing xxx instead. Keep this in mind for the moments it feels easy to jump back on!

Pics of my week!

This was the beach on the Wirral - Icy sunset, how gorgeous!

Me face masked up writing this blog :)

I have been cooking and eating really nutritious food for my body, ill post these recipes when I am back <3

Lemon and Salmon Pasta was a VIBE! Felt like we were back in Ibiza!

And we snook out for a date night to see Avatar 2! - Highly recommend!

Me at the beach for the sunset, having a little solo walk all wrapped up, the beach is one of my happy places so this was a VIBE xx

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