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Ways to check in with your goals!

Hello Lovelies!

I am writing this blog to help anyone checking in with their Goals for the year!

As the 1st April came round, I took the chance to review my goals for the year and the progress I have made.

For the last few years I have enjoyed the practise of setting up a vision board at the start of the year, and then checking in on it every quarter.

For those of you new to vision boards, you can create a physical one that is up somewhere in your home, it can be a screen saver on your phone, or a board on your Pinterest! and there will be many more I am sure. A vision board is somewhere to put images, quotes, text or figures that embody your ambitions and goals to aid you in visualising achieving these goals, this ultimately helps to connect with the law of attraction and manifestation.

I believe there are masculine and feminine energetic approaches to working with a vision board, both are required to attain a good balance - I have dropped a few examples below;


Set time limits

Work out steps to achieve

Check in frequently




Rest & Relax

Trust that it is already on its way

(I will do another blog entirely about these different energy types, but I think these are the most important to note here)

These lead to the two ways that I do my quarterly check ins, one being a masculine check in on my goals, I do this by journaling on my progress so far. I have left some journal prompts for you below to help you do this too!

The other leaning into feminine energy, where I set some time aside to meditate and visualise the things on my vision board. It is important here to 'get into the board' and FEEL what it feels like to have the things on the vision board so you can cultivate these feelings and attract that energy into your current reality.

Journaling Prompts What has gone well in the last quarter?

What have I learnt and/or where have my growth areas been?

What would I like to improve on?

What are some actionable steps I can take to achieve this improvement?

Do I have any things blocking me?

How can I unblock these?

Would I like to adjust any of my goals, to help them feel more achievable?

Happy Journaling!

Love H x

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