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Self Awareness, Astrology vs Personality Traits

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

Self-discovery, what a journey!

I have always been that person in the room to ask Why, Why, and Why again – and I do not stop when it comes to diving deep into myself!

I thought it would be fun to run through some methods I have used over the years, if this is a journey you are currently on.

So first, some back ground - I have always been the first one to jump into any kind of self awareness modality, this will explain the list of my examples below :).

From a psychology point of view I have had all the reports I can have done within my corporate role. This year I have been diving deeper into Astrology and Human Design, and even in between these well know methods - any Quiz that pops up online claiming to tell me something about myself I am all over it (disclaimer - you definitely have to take some of these with a pinch of salt!)

So - Personality Testing;

I know I am a Director (Hawks Personality Testing) but I have been a Shaper in the Past.

I know I am an Influencer (DISC profiling) but my Dominance has grown over the years.

In my personal opinion and demonstrated by my points above, these are the ones that are ever changing, based on your situation, phase of your life and even your current role. However I do believe that if you are open minded to the outcome of such testing, whether you find the results accurate or not, they can open up great conversations with team members, and create a deeper level of self awareness. As humans it is easy not to spend a great deal of time sitting with ourselves, reflecting and understanding ourselves! This is a great tool to encourage that so we can grow in areas we desire.

Secondly, Astrology. I have always been an avid reader of my horoscopes! I remember that being my favourite part in the Mizz magazines I would buy as a young girl! (serious 90’s throw back!) and I would always flick to Mystic Meg in the TV guides.

I have been taking a deeper dive into astrology this year, and have learnt that is isn't all about our sun sign. It was a complete shock to me, as this is typically the Zodiac that everyone in the western world is aware of. Most of the signs are relatively well known, so much so that if someone asks what your birth sign is that can make immediate assumptions about you. I am a Leo sun sign, and this is of course a fire sign symbolised by a Lion. Now, I will agree that a part of me is a Leo, but sometimes I don't feel like the Lion behind closed doors, and in my own mind!

Since discovering more depth in my signs this year I know now;

I am a Leo Sun Sign - This is representative of your Motivation, Ego, and Personality, how you go out into the world and how you use rational thought.

I am an Aries Moon Sign - This is representative of your Emotions.

I am a Scorpio Rising - This can also be called your Ascendant. This is almost the most important part, as its the planet that is ruling when you first come into the world. And as such, is how you come across when people first meet you, and is somewhat how you would like to appear. In Eastern astrology this is the most important part of your chart.

(best guessed on the second 2 with estimating my time of birth!)

As you can imagine, learning that I need to be reading all 3 of these signs in any horoscope was surprising! but I really feel more seen know I am aware of the meanings of my broader chart. I would absolutely recommend getting a birth chart reading if you are open to astrology! has a free birth chart option.

Also the meanings of the signs don't change, the position of the planets do, so I feel this is a good tool to use that can help to explain your emotions throughout your life, especially if you combine this with the New Moons (but that's another blog piece!)

And Finally, this last week I have been diving into Human Design!

This has become more popular over the last few years, but requires an accurate time of birth, and co ordinates of location of birth for an in depth reading, as it can change by the minute. This does mean that absolutely no one can have the same chart, and we are all totally unique in human design, something astrology has been criticised for over the years.

I now know am a Projector in Human Design because this doesn't change in the window of time I know I was born in. This on its own may answer a lot of questions, as I learnt yesterday that Projectors are their own blind spot – and I finally feel like I have an explanation as to why I dive so deep into self awareness, but can ever get enough answers haha!

I have some more diving into Human Design to do, and when I do I will write a new blog for you to dive into.

I believe that your personality and actions can change during your life, but your soul and life force is made up of energy, from the universe and will therefore always be affected by the planets and astrology.

Do you agree, I am interested to hear in the comments below! x

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