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The Realign Retreat Day! 


What - A day for you to realign in between Christmas & New Year!💝

When - Saturday 30th December 

Where - Nouyou - Borough Road 

Who - Hosted by Hannah and Natalie & Women only participants. 

Why - Why not 😆


In all seriousness, in December we are still in the depths of a hiberation period, and the world is asking us to set New Years resolutions. We want to offer a safe space for you to actually reflect on your year, to release anything that is not serving you. To be supported to accept where you find yourself right now, with deep levels of self love - so that you can realign and begin to feel into what you want to step into in the new year (with zero rush or pressure attatched !) 


We intend to hold this evening in a very gentle and nurturing way, wrapping you in a big bubble of love and holding you wherever you find yourself. 


Please see the details on the posters for a run down of what the day will include! 


If the Pay in full option isn’t an option for you right now we have a payment pay option with a deposit, please message us for these details. 


As this is a preplanned event we will not be able to refund any deposits, so please ensure you are able to make the event and fully commit before purchasing a ticket.


If you pay in full for your ticket on purchase you will be able to get a 50% refund up to 48 hours before the event. 


Any cancellations 48 hours before the event will not be refundable. 


Lots of Love! 


Hannah & Nat 

Realign Retreat Day

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