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Are you Curious about one to one mentoring? 

Do you have a calling to deepen your connection to your true self?
Are you looking to find your purpose?
To improve your relationship with yourself?
To bring loving awareness into your life? 
To take control of your mindset?  


1:1 support could be perfect for you!

Working 1:1 with coaches and mentor's has changed my life
without a doubt. It has helped me to evolve and is still a big part of my life. I am honoured that I now get to see it in my clients too - it's real life magic

Pink Blossom

Half way through my coaching journey I had already seen such a huge difference in myself, my mindset changed. Hannah introduced pausing and meditation into my daily life and this has helped me so much! I would 100% recommend Hannah to friends, I didn't actually want my sessions to end! 

1:1 Client - Jemma 

Coaching works by me asking you questions, that allow you to find the answers within. To help empower you and guide you inward to find your true voice, and to help surface any blocks or mindsets you need to shift to call in your desires.

Mentoring is where I get to share my tried and tested tool kit for moving these blocks, and inviting you to explore ones that you resonate with to help you on your path. 

Orange Flower

Being coached by Hannah was kind of like being wrapped in a bubble of love. Each session was exactly what I needed, she's very intuitive and mindful and helped me achieve so many goals, together we were able to unpick my feelings of overwhelm allowing me to realise that I am in control and I get to chose how I do life. I felt like her style of coaching didn't add pressure but instead felt supportive whilst offering accountability in a really safe and loving space, I would highly recommend working with Hannah. 

1:1 Client - Katie 


Every coach & mentor will be slightly different any bring their own personality and style to a container. In my work I lean into all of the modalities that I Love and have proved successful for me either personally or with clients.

You can expect to be talking about Self Love, Mindset and Spirituality and to be practising meditations, visualisations and a lot of journalling!

Flowers in Pocket

It's hard to put into words exactly how much value Hannah has brought to my life since working together. I wasn't sure what to expect, as this was may first time having a well-being coach. I was not disappointed!  Hannah has taught me how to step into my power, provided new tools for me to use in order to level up spiritually and has brought a lot of clarity to my life. I can't recommend working with Hannah enough!

1:1 Client - Emma 

I work with women who are curious about life and committed to growth. 
Who are all about living a full life and choosing themselves more deeply. If this is speaking to you, check out my services below!



I run 1:1 programmes online so they are available worldwide, subject to time differences.


1 Reiki session to start on zoom

Bespoke Plan to help you on your path 

6 x 60 minute calls on zoom

What's app support 

Worksheets & Supportive Materials provided 

£500 paid in full
£200 per month for 3 months


1 Reiki session to start on zoom

Bespoke Plan to help you on your path 

6 x 60 minute calls on zoom

3 x 90 minute calls on zoom 

What's app support 

Worksheets & Supportive Materials provided

1 Reiki session to end 

£900 paid in full
£175 per month for 6 months


60 minute call on zoom 

These sessions are only available to clients who have already been part of a transformational container with me.

Purpose to check back and come back into alignment or explore further expansion. 

£45 ph

In person sessions are available with an additional fee.


Step 1 Complete an Application form below

Step 2 30 minute Discovery Call on zoom Scheduled in for us to meet and dive a little deeper on your goals, and whether you feel I can help you

Step 3 I will share what bespoke package I feel I could build to suit your needs, within the framework above

Step 4 If we both feel its a good fit we get the sessions booked in.


Speaking from experience ... I know it can be difficult to invest in yourself, but if you have made it here and you know you want to click the button below and take the first steps - do it! See you on the other side!

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