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The Self Love Space podcast is a joint passion project that I co-host with the beautiful Katie Asquith.

The Podcast is a show that we wanted to make, that provokes thought, and offers support and inspiration to the listener on their self love journey, through all of life's events.
Together we cover mindset, self love, and all things holistic well-being as well as sharing stories from our own journeys, no stone is left unturned as we commit to being vunerable and sharing our truth to help others. We met while we were both training to be Self Love Coaches, and the community we had was so amazing, we want to offer that to everyone!
We invite you to join us on this magical journey of self discovery and be part of the conversation.


Season One Overview

Episode 1 - Unwrapping Birthdays

Episode 2 - Let's talk about Detoxing 

Episode 3 - Grounding for Manifestation 

Episode 4 - Canada Codes 

Episode 5 - How to celebrate your wins 

Episode 6 - Our expansion never ends

Episode 7 - Travel is the other thing you can buy that makes you richer

Episode 8 - Growing through grief

Episode 9 - Self love is a way of life

Episode 10 - Flowing with Change

Episode 11 - Autumn Equinox

Episode 12 - Self Love ... Am I doing it right?

Episode 13 - The Key to Balance is inside

Episode 14 - Reiki, Crystals, Sound Healing and delving into the unseen

You can find us on Apple Podcast & Spofity, just search 'The Self Love Space' or click on the icons above.

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